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- 18 Jan 2019
Thank you. Your registration is confirmed.
- 07 Nov 2018
Thank you. We have noted Vishal's participation as per your registration on the website
- 07 Nov 2018
Please reach out to for more information. You are required...
Admin wrote a review for CME on Autism
- 21 Oct 2018
You may register here so that we can inform the organizers.
- 30 Jun 2018
Thanks Sravanthi. Yes, we received your payment and the link to webinar was sent last night.
Admin wrote a review for Autism Spectrum Disorder
- 28 Jun 2018

Dear Kranthi, can you let us know where does she reside?

- 18 Jul 2017
Sorry, there were 50 seats available and they are all full now. But we will share the gist of the workshop.
- 26 Jun 2016
Please email at and you will be registered for the event. It is a free event so there are no charges.
Activities of Daily Living
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After a diagnosis of developmental disorder, the first target should be ADLs i.e. Activities of Daily...

How can you show support for #TogetherWeCan - Child Safety
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#TogetherWeCan an Advocacy group addressing to the rights of children with disabilities based in Kochi, Kerala...

Understand #TogetherWeCan Initiative
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“TogetherWeCan” in Kochi, Kerala has filed a Public Interest Litigation to bring about regulation in therapies for children with...