Parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism Spectrum

I am a parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism Spectrum. I homeschool him and take him for therapies. I was having a stressful day where nothing was going according to the schedule. I was nearly in tears and questioning my decision to home school my son. In desperation, I sat at my computer and googled special educators in the hope that I would be able to find help online. The search result led me to I was surprised to find a list of special educators in the area I lived in. I was also thrilled to see detailed information on the therapists such as their qualification, experience, geographic location, contact details and area of expertise. It is a very comprehensive database and a lot of effort has been made to include relevant details so that a parent can make an informed choice. Until then I had not seen any website that listed special needs resources that were exclusive to Hyderabad area. Finding the website and knowing that help is available calmed me down and made me very happy. Kudos to the team at Nayi Disha and much appreciation for all their hard work in setting up such a useful website.

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