Parent of 4 year old child with epilepsy

I first heard of Nayi disha from my son’s speech Therapist. I was delighted to have finally found a portal to access all the information a mom needs with a kid with special needs.

Then luckily, I got introduced to prachi through a common friend and was soon part of their Nayi Disha Whatsapp group. I attended my first Nayi Disha support group meeting this month. Can’t express in words how Happy, Relieved, Inspired, Motivated and of course Emotional I felt after meeting these SUPER moms and a few dads too!

It’s very difficult to raise a kid with special needs, but what’s even more difficult is to keep yourself motivated and to stay positive. We are usually surrounded by friends and cousins with neuro typical kids (love this new word I learnt bdw), and as supportive and friendly as they can be, you can’t help but feel remorseful and resentful towards their advice and sympathy. It’s also sometimes difficult to get support from your parents and in laws because they only know as much as you do about raising a kid with special needs. So this meeting was in fact very special for me!

For the longest time, I have blamed myself for my son’s problem, or I thought I was someway lesser than others to conceive a child with a neurological problem. But after meeting these very special moms who are now my heroes I finally accepted that it was just our bad luck and this can happen to the most perfect, healthiest and smartest parents too!!
There was so much to learn from these parents, especially since most of them had teenaged kids and there’s so much experience and knowledge to gain from them. They are also very helpful and empathic, always ready with a suggestion and a joke to keep it light and comfortable.

So Thank you  Nayi Disha, I finally have a group of friends with whom I can share my kids experiences without feeling embarrassed or sad, In fact it feels almost normal to share my troubles, problems and of course my LO achievements

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