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Nayi Disha- for all the help that you need

If a parent is looking out for options for their kids then NAYI DISHA Read More

Sheeba Chaudhary

Wealth of information on Nayi Disha!

"Once I started exploring the web platform of Nayi Disha. I was amazed at the wealth of information right from details on service Read More

Rashmi Nishtala

Parent of 4 year old child with epilepsy

I first heard of Nayi disha from my son’s speech Therapist. I was delighted to have finally found a portal to access all the information a mom needs with a kid with special needs.

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Parent of a teenager on the Autism Spectrum on...

“Unity in diversity” was a term I came across when I was in school. Civics class, not the most interesting class to attend:-) Later, I remember helping my daughter write an answer on the same topic for her Read More

Parent of a teenager on the Autism Spectrum

 When my husband got transferred to Hyderabad, the my first thought was “Oh God how to find a school there!”. From my experience, it is difficult to find schools for senior kids that too autistic. I Read More

Parent of 3.5 year old child with Epilepsy and...

On returning to India (Hyderabad), I looked for a speech and language therapist for my son for many months. He has been diagnosed with developmental delay because of epilepsy. Finding Nayi Disha was the best Read More

Parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism...

I am a parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism Spectrum. I homeschool him and take him for therapies. I was having a stressful day where nothing was going according to the schedule. I was nearly in tears Read More

Parent of a 6 year old child with Down Syndrome

I am a mother of 6 year old child with Down Syndrome. I am so grateful for your organization. When you came to my daughter's school for a workshop, it was the one of the finest days in my life. The workshop Read More

Parent of a 9 year of child with epilepsy and...

I am a mother of a 9 year old child with epilepsy and developmental delay. I truly believe this is the next step in the world of special needs. A world of sharing information, honest ratings, economical Read More