1, Bharathidasan Street, Thiruvamiyur, Chennai, TN600042

Swayam Shoppe

Provider Description/Summary: 

Swayam Shoppe, a retail grocery outlet. We conduct retail skill training for special children in this outlet, a vocational training unit of Swabodhini Charitable Trust, is funded and managed by the Trust, to train the students in the activities of managing a retail shop.

It is in this context we have set up a small retail outlet within easy reach for the school staff, parents and students. This shop is an initiative to expose our children to real public interactive activities and impart basic knowledge for daily needs.
There is another segment of this called -Swayam on Wheels, where our team goes into gated communities to sell groceries. Here from delivery to billing everything is managed by kids with special needs

Home Visits: 
Age Range: 
0 - 6 years
13 - 16 years
above 16 years
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