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Sannidhi-Swanthana Center for Life Skills

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Emphasizing the possibilities by encompassing lives

Shankar Foundation is registered under societies act by the people sparked by passion to create a better world for children with special needs.The foundation began the services with 4 children who are unable to cope up in the main stream. With Shraddha (reverence) and Saaburi ( perseverance) the committee have strived hard to strengthen the weak areas of students with special needs and finally created a Sannidhi(nearness) towards mainstreming. Working alongside a highly expertise professionals, endeavor to meet the individual needs of all students and helped them to unfold their potential. The organization gradually grew in size as more parents recognized the sincere efforts of the team. Today Shraddha,Saaburi and Sannidhi organisations are an answer for more than 200 parent’s questions about their children future from the ages of four to thirty with a range of special needs. SANNIDHI Center for Life Skills (SCFLS) is one of the service unit of Shankar Foundation, located at Vikarabad, Rangareddy District of Andhra Pradesh, India. SCFLS strives for being the leading organization in promoting and assuring quality rehabilitation services at micro level, and wide ranging training and research beyond with global focus at macro level, delivered with a compassionate, respectful manner with a commitment to seek excellence.

Living at Sannidhi-Swanthana residential center allows people with special needs to acquire capabilities of self management, socialization, education, vocation, occupation, sports, cultural activities, hobbies and interests and other related life skill areas while preparing for independent living and productive adult hood. Our elderly care program is an answer for many parents emotional insecurities and "after me" question by taking care of the adults with special needs with love and compassion.We provide knowledge,information, support, technical assistance by conducting workshops, short and long term training programmes to families who have children with disabilities and the professionals to strengthen their role.Round the clock monitoring of behavior, health and hygiene is carried out by well qualified rehabilitation professionals.

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per month or as the case maybe
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13 - 17 years
above 18 years
round the clock
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