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Arunima: A Project for Persons with Autism

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Arunima was established in 2011 as a project which aimed to enable persons with Autism to live a fulfilling life with dignity and the highest degree of independence. The school caters to persons above the age of 16 years. The main programs include special education, vocational training, occupational training, life skills training, behavior modification, speech therapy and social skills training. Arunima has an Assisted Living Centre which is a residential program is the first of its kind for persons with disability in India. The term Assisted Living Center is used because the setup is not meant to be a care giving “home” but a place for rehabilitation, lifelong care and continuous growth. The fee for residential students is :(approx) Rs. 39,264/- per month and for Non residential students is (approx)Rs. 22,000 per month. Concession is given to students from weak economic background. Vocational Training and Hobby Development are a regular part of the program. Weekly cooking lessons, as well as daily activities ensure that the service users have a full day of learning and development. The school offers the facilities of a school bus, wheel chair friendly bathrooms, physio-therapy equipments and a lunchroom. The students are taken to restaurants, supermarkets, shops to develop their social skills. Self Help Skills are taught to people who have reached teenage or adulthood, yet are still dependent on others for things like bathing, brushing etc. These skills are broken down into simple steps, and students are taught systematically to achieve each step till they master the whole activity. The staff consists of well trained vocational trainers, occupational trainers and special educators.

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Residential:(approx) Rs. 39,264/- Day: (approx)Rs. 22,000
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above 18 years
Monday to Sunday
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