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Dr Rashida Naraharasetti

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MBBS, DO (osteopathy),TFH consultant, Brain Gym consultant
Speciality : Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Birthing reflex reintegration,

Dr Rashida Naraharasetti

Provider Description/Summary: 

Dr Rashida ( Touch for Health and Brain Gym consultant/instructor ) is a highly skilled career professional with over 30 years of practical experience in hospital, home, health, and primary care environments.
With her understanding of neurophysiological basis of learning, she uses simple, quick, easy-to-do developmental movements of brain
gym to stimulate brain function so that the child has equal access to all dimensions of the brain through clear communication, comprehension and organization.
To deepen and anchor the changes she further uses energy balances (a unique approach to correction of energy flows through using muscle as monitors.
testing that address physical illness, biochemical and nutritional imbalances and emotional disorders)
She lives up to her commitments to clients and students by working with them in an open, honest, and forthright manner.
Dr.Rashida upholds the standards and expectations of the self-concept model; the understanding that the individual is responsible for his/her healing and extends the same
principles and respect towards her clients and students and their unique learning styles."
Specialization in Touch for Health,Brain Gym, Birthing reflex reintegration, K Power Epigenetic healing cycles
Professional Affiliations :Breakthroughs International,GOCC
She provides Parent Training, Professional Training, Individual TFH Energy balances and Brain Gym movement balances.
Operates from a private clinic\ centre,home and online sessions .

Professional Affiliations: 
Video Consultations: 
Home Visits: 
Fees (Additional Text) : 
Rs 3500 initial 1 hour session,Rs 2000/ 30 minutes session
Age Range: 
0 - 5 years
6 - 12 years
13 - 17 years
above 18 years
M, Tu, W, Th, F
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