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Hiral Divyansh Mishra

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B.A in Occupational therapy, M.A in Occupational therapy (specialization in pediatrics)
Speciality : Pedeatric Ocuupational therapist

Hiral Divyansh Mishra

Provider Description/Summary: 

Hiral Divyansh Mishra is an occupational therapist based out of Bangalore who works for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Professional Affiliations: 
Certified in handwriting without clear, Sensory integration and Occupational Therapy, Member of All India OT association(AIOTA)
RCI Registered: 
Video Consultations: 
Home Visits: 
Age Range: 
0 - 5 years
6 - 12 years
13 - 17 years
8 a.m to 7 p.m
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