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After having watched several kids that dont fall very deep into the specially abled spectrum but who are completely not normal either - Mean the kids who are not very highly abnormal but are not completely normal either - the kids who dont fit into a normal school system but who cannot go to a completely special educational school =- who suffer with mild disabilities but at that tender age cannot handle it with support from the external system - and get stamped as problematic child - and even the gifted children that dont fit into normal education line - many kids drop out of school since not being able to cope up with the pressure that build on them due to lack of proper knowledge on dealing with such children - Parents give up their careers for these kids - and yet still cannot give 100% of what is required by the kid. We have made a resolution to help such kids with tailored mode of teaching for each kid and supporting their physical and mental heath through 360 degree approach which is Psychological, Psychiatric, Nutritional, Physical activity, Learning, Music, Dance, Pets, Swimming, Physio therapy and more. We intend to mold these special kids into complete human being.
We decided to take up this project as TAPASYA to turn around the lives of the kids.

Just a foreword - I hope we all understand such exercise comes with a huge cost attached since the teacher tot ratios are going to be 1:1 or at max 1:2 in case we find a similar kid with similar personality. And we intake very limited number of admissions - We limit the overall school annual strength to 15 kids.

Hence interested parents please email me at madhootapasya@gmail.com or 9618640404.

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Madhoo - Founder
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0 - 6 years
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9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Developmental Disabilities » Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developmental Disabilities » ADHD
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