Tejaswini Bavandla

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Masters in ASLP
Speciality : Speech therapy
Experience : 5 years 2 weeks

Tejaswini Bavandla

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Performs Diagnostic Evaluations of clients related to speech and language problems and initiates appropriate rehabilitative services.Diagnostic evaluation includes REELS(Receptive and Expressive Emergent Language Scale) to measure the language skills up to 7 yrs children,Articulation tests to rule out the articulation problems, OPM(Oral Peripheral Mechanism) Examination,Language Evaluation,Fluency evaluation(stuttering,Cluttering) etc. Management Plan is made based upon the assessment. The therapy plan consist of Short term goals and Long term goals.Each session is planned with the activities to achieve the speech and language skills in an expected period of time and Lots of material such as Flash cards,Picture cards,Story books,Peg board,toys,Verbal material etc., are used during therapy.

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Age Range: 
0 - 6 years
7 - 12 years
13 - 16 years
above 16 years
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