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The Autism Friendly School

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The Autism Friendly School in Hyderabad is a privately owned 12,000 Sq. ft. facility, designed around the special needs of the Autism population. The school was started in 2009 by Mr. Anil Kundra and Ms. Manasi under Care4autism Society. Care4autism Society also has a residential centre has now been started for persons on the Autism Spectrum known as Autism friendly village. With a vision for every student to develop the ability to self- regulate, to relate and to communicate, the CFA society works to involve parents, families, educators and professionals in creating awareness about Autism. The CFA teaching philosophy is based on student-centered, social-emotional learning and Individual Educational Plan. The school building is designed with natural lighting, precision climate control, big classrooms and flexible therapy space to support sensory needs of the students. There are around 50 students and the average teacher student ratio is 1:2. Functional academics include math, science, history, and language arts. The school has 2 occupational therapist, 2 speech therapist and 1 psychologist working with them. One on one sessions are also conducted with the students. Community skills are developed with regular trips into the community in Care4Autism-owned mini vans, which are also used for pick up and drop of children from neighbouring villages. Video tracking is also used to follow each student’s progress and illustrate the met goals of a student’s IEP. Vocational training is available for the students at the residential premise however, there is a pre-vocational unit at the Autism Friendly School facility as well.

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Payable as able
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0 - 5 years
6 - 12 years
13 - 17 years
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Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 3.00pm
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