Disability Certificate

What is it?

The disability certificate is essential in order to receive any of the benefits and facilities provided by the Government of India.

Who can apply?

In order to become eligible for obtaining the Disability Certificate, a person with disability should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. be a Indian citizen;
  2. have medical reports explaining type of disability;
  3. minimum degree of disability

Whom to approach?

Disability Certificate can be issued by

  • a government designated medical authority in the applicant's district; or
  • the concerned medical authority in a government hospital where the applicant may be undergoing or may have undergone treatment in connection with her/his condition.

How to apply for this scheme?

All persons with disability are eligible to obtain an identity card, which acts as a Disability Certificate.

  • All those who are certified by to have an IQ of 69 and below as per a standard IQ assessment test are eligible for a Disability Certificate
  • At present, disabilities like Autism and learning disabilities are not covered under the PWD Act and hence ineligible for getting a disability certificate, unless this is also accompanied by low IQ levels ( or mental retardation as defined under the Act).
  • The certificate is valid for a period five years.
  • When there are no chances of variation in the degree of disability, a permanent disability certificate is given.
  • In order to get a disability certificate a person requires a birth certificate and proof of residence. If a child is born at home, parents can get the birth certificate from their district magistrate.
  • The application can be made by the legal guardian

There are two types of disability certificates available based on the age of applicant:

Step 1:

IQ assessment (to assess intelligence quotient of the special child) is conducted  by doctors at designated hospitals  (National Institute of Mental Health,  Niloufer Hospital, Yerragada Hospital). 

The IQ  Assessment is undertaken by a three-member Medical Board. At least on person on the Medical Board, has to be a specialist --  Psychiatrist, Paediatrician and clinical Psychologist. The IQ Assesment consists of three areas : clinical assessment, assesment of adaptive behaviour and assessment of intellectual functioning.

Step 2: 

  • For age below 18 years:

    • Once IQ certificate is issued, Disability Certificate is issued by a specific govt. hospital in a specific district 
    • Few locations for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation are mentioned below:

      • Kondapur hospital, Rangareddy district
      • Vanasthalipuram, unknown district;
      • Osmania hospital, Hyderabad district
  • For age above 18 years:

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