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By Jo Chopra

Sensitising A Doctor (And The World) - Blog from The Swaddle

  • Recently, I took my daughter to an ENT specialist because she has developed periodic breathing, holding her breath for up to 40 seconds and then suddenly exhaling. She does it for most of the night, and it disturbs her sleep. (Try holding your breath for that long; it can be extremely uncomfortable and make you feel panicky and distressed.)

    A friend who is a developmental paediatrician thought Moy Moy’s breathing pattern might explain why she is so tired during the day – she’s just not getting the rest she needs at night. He wanted an ENT to rule out any simple explanations: enlarged tonsils, say, or some other type of upper airway obstruction.

    To read more, please visit the original link on The Swaddle. 

    Disclaimer : Article republished here with prior permission from The Swaddle.


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