By Suja Pisharody

Musings of an Aspie Mom

  • As I sit in my bedroom, 
    I can hear him play the keyboard.
    I listen to the beautiful notes 
    And muse on who he is.

    He is so much more than a label.

    A child who breathes music and regales us with his singing.
    A boy wanting to play, have fun and make friends.

    A child who tries his best at school and therapy just to see his parents happy.
    A boy who tries his best to write,
    Dyspraxia be damned!

    A child who has learnt to calm himself even in the face of sensory overload.
    A boy in love with alphabets and numbers.

    A child who spreads sunshine with his happy smiles and just wants to be accepted for who he is.

    He is Dhruv, the boy who came to teach us that Autism may be the road less travelled but is equally enriching 😊


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