By Suja Pisharody


  • When Dhruv was little,he started getting fascinated with alphabets & numbers.He would pore over books looking at the images and words.By the age of 3 he was reading & by the age of 4 he was making words with his magnetic alphabets and I remember Gopan & me being stunned & so proud of him.He would be assessed with autism only by 4.5 but we already knew our child was different.

    There is a lot written about Autism but very little about Hyperlxia. So Hyperlexia is a condition where the child starts reading early on without being taught but struggles with comprehension.This makes life tough for him especially in school as teachers would think if he is reading beyond his age,he must be comprehending as well. Even today Dhruv struggles to write due to his dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder but loves to ‘study’ and practice spellings for spellbee as he knows phonics and spellings without being taught ! He reads billboards and anything that comes in front of him.He can read stories but struggles to comprehend what the story is about,he sometimes reads my whatsapp messages when I am typing and I have to tell him not to look and read what I am typing !

    I am sharing this beautiful meme I saw on Hyperlexia in one of the support groups & hoping it helps some of you whose kids may have it but may not be diagnosed with it as yet.


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