How can you show support for #TogetherWeCan - Child Safety

#TogetherWeCan an Advocacy group addressing to the rights of children with disabilities based in Kochi, Kerala has filed a #Public_Interest_Litigation on May 2nd 2017 @ Kerala High Court to #Regulate_Therapy_Centres .
We filed this in the wake of increasing number of malpractices within therapy centers that were faced by us. We are primarily a group parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurological Disabilities. We also have support from professionals working in the field, disability rights activists and other concerned individuals. #DEAR_PARENTS Please know that it is your #RIGHT to be inside during therapy for your child. It is also your #DUTY to be there and learn. If the therapist claims that your child will not cooperate if you sit inside , please understand that is due to lack of training on the part of the therapist OR a sheer unwillingness to train you. We need Professionals to guide and train us as those 3 hours a week of therapy in a clinic like setting is not enough. What happens at home is more important. We need to take on!! #Keep_our_children_safe! #Ask_for_Individualized_Education_Program #Ask_for_SMART_Goals #Ask_for_Monthly_Review_of_Progress
If we do not ask - NOBODY WILL! We HAVE to be the voice when our children cannot do it for themselves! #JOIN_US_to_BE_HEARD! #TogetherWeCan and #WeMust !

Here are simple tips to show support.  Parents /Professionals/ anybody from public can support litigation:

1. Make a 1 or 2 minutes video mentioning why they support and mail to

2. Like #togetherwecan pageand follow it too:

3. You can get us connected to parents whohave faced malpractices .... if they are okay going public without mentioning names ...they could do that

4. You can implead our case using any lawyer

5. You can file a similar PIL in thier area. We will provide you with all the necessary guidance.

6. You can start a TWC in their area


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