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By Jo Chopra

Disability Doesn’t Excuse Behavioural Problems - Blog from The Swaddle

  • Shilpi is an absolutely impossible child. If she doesn’t like the food she is served, she hurls it against the wall. Bath time is a daily screaming match, and no one is allowed to brush her teeth. To avoid tantrums while shopping, her parents buy her whatever she demands. In fact, the entire family dances around her behavioural problems.

    Shilpi’s family attributes all her bad behaviour to her Down Syndrome. Poor thing, her grandfather says, she can’t understand.

    I say: A brat is a brat, with or without special needs.


    Children with disabilities are children first. They can be funny, naughty, entertaining and infuriating — often in the space of ten minutes. Like other children, they will test their boundaries and work the system like any seasoned politician.

    To read more, please visit the original link on The Swaddle. 

    Disclaimer : Article republished here with prior permission from The Swaddle.


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