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  • My father died this month. He was 93 and he had lived a long and wonderful life. My mother passed away in 2008, and he was anxious to be reunited with her. More important, perhaps, his seven children were all settled and doing well. All of us have good jobs, our own homes, our own families. Dad left this world knowing his work was done. There was no one still depending upon him and nothing left unfinished.

    That’s how it is supposed to be at 93. The last thing you should be worrying about in old age is your children and how they will cope after you’ve gone.

    Unless, of course, your child has a disability.

    Parents of children with special needs worry constantly. It begins soon after we get the diagnosis and it continues for as long as we live. We worry about the diagnosis: Maybe it’s not actually autism? We worry about getting the right medical care, especially if we live in a small town in India. We worry about education: Will there be a school that will accept him? We worry about social life: Will she ever make friends? We worry about money: Our child has all the same needs as any other (food, clothes, shoes, books, toys) and a whole bunch more (therapy, wheelchairs, operations, a special diet).

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    Disclaimer : Article republished here with prior permission from The Swaddle.


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