Diya Foundation
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Experience : 19 years 5 months
112/147, Chikkatayappa Reddy Layout, Chelkere, Bangalore 560043

Diya Foundation

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Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Center cum Sheltered Workshop in Bangalore providing training in life skills, work skills and employment options to differently abled individuals. Founded in 1999, DIYA is a registered charitable Trust. The need was for vocational training once basic schooling was completed thus preparing a potential workforce that has so far been greatly ignored.

In the last 18 years Diya has impacted over 150 adults with intellectual challenges and made life altering changes in over 600 families. Individuals with an intellectual challenge have had life altering changes in their self esteem, self dependence and productivity through systematic and consistent training in the Diya training program. From learning personal grooming skills, household management skills, work skills, communication skills, occupational guidance and employability skills the journey is one of self discovery and self dependence.

Diya’s aim and goal is to empower these individuals to work, earn and live a life of respect and love.

Home Visits: 
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Maria S. Santamaria
Age Range: 
above 16 years
9:30 - 5:00
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