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Nayi Disha Resource Centre - An online information resource

About Nayi Disha


Nayi Disha Resource Centre is registered as Public Society with Registration no. No : 1319 of year 2015 under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act., 2001


To empower and equip families of people with intellectual and development disabilities with information and knowledge to support their children in achieving their true potential.


  • To provide verified and quality information in an easily accessible manner 
  • To build a supportive ecosystem of service providers, non-governmental organizations, and other families
  • To form a strong community of families


The aim of Nayi Disha is to empower the parents by providing them with information and connecting them to host of providers and fellow parents, just like our logo states: INFORM, CONNECT and EMPOWER! Our three pillars of our work are:


We are building a supportive digital ecosystem of all the service providers working with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

The combination of the type of intellectual disability, severity of the disorder, associated medical conditions, age, gender, economic status and geographical location of the family forms a unique need of services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities(PwIDD). Families are unable to often unable find out the right services. Nayi Disha team has, therefore, built a comprehensive and verified listing of more than 300 providers delivering a range of services (educational, healthcare, recreational and therapeutic) for PwIDD in Hyderabad. 


Families of PwIDD provide lifelong and continuous support to their special child, which often leaves them feeling isolated, lonely and emotionally exhausted. In order to ensure that families remain motivated and receive emotional support through this difficult journey, Nayi Disha has created online groups for families . We also host

  • Parent support group meet

  • Family fun events

from time to time. Our families claim that they not only find emotional support but also find useful information from trusted sources, i.e. other parents .


Once a child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability; families have various information needs and seek information on the disorder, associated complications, available government schemes etc. With this need in mind, Nayi Disha team is developing e-content for parent learning. Information on various disorders and different government schemes is already available on the online platform. Towards this goal, we conduct

  • Parent Empowerment Workshops:  Nayi Disha has partnered with special schools to regularly organize parent empowerment workshops on various themes from behavior management to nutrition.
  • Meet the Expert: Nayi Disha team also conducts a ‘Meet the Expert’ series which is an informal forum for parents to meet experts such as neurologists, developmental pediatricians, psychologists and get their queries answered.

Furthermore, we have also recorded these parent empowerment workshops and meet the expert events and made them available on the platform in the form of audios and videos.  We are partnering with subject matter experts from the field to develop articles, FAQs, audios and learning videos on various themes from nutrition to seizure management. 


Our team

Babita Bante

Babita has done her graduation in fine arts.

Prachi Deo

Prachi has 13 years of technical and project management experience in the software industry in India and the US. She has led the IT team for a strategic marketing firm in Chicago. More recently she worked as a Project Manager with Microsoft Global Delivery in Hyderabad, which she quit to  to pursue her passion for working on the issue Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Prachi's brother, who has Downs Syndrome, is her inspiration for setting up Nayi Disha.

Nayi Disha Resource Centre is an online information resource platform that supports families of persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). We are a group of individuals who deeply care for the cause of IDD and have come together to form Nayi Disha. The founding team includes parents and siblings of individuals with IDD, who understand the challenges and needs faced by other similar families. We believe that equipping such families with relevant information will improve their care-giving abilities, expand the list of care/ education/ therapy options available, and empower them to become stronger advocates for their wards.

We understand that every person with IDD has unique needs and therefore will require different therapies and services (such as education, therapies and healthcare). We also recognise that every family faces a different set of questions and challenges at different stages of the life of an individual with IDD. Nayi Disha is our attempt to address these important information needs of families of individuals with IDD with this portal. We hope that this portal will help individuals with IDD receive the best possible care and access to services they require, and enable them to reach their full potential.