B. Ranjitha Rao
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BA (Psychology); MA Social Work (Child Psychology ); K 2 K from Ripples B. Ed Special Education
Speciality : Learning Disabilities
Experience : 3 years 11 months
Flat # 213 Bommarillu Apts Mayuri nagar Miyapur Hyderabad

B. Ranjitha Rao

Service started since: 
Provider Description/Summary: 

Ms.Ranjitha Rao is a remedial educator from Miyapur, Hyderabad working primarily with children having ADHD or learning difficulties. She follows empathetical approach with individual and a customized planning of the remedial education.

Home Visits: 
Age Range: 
0 - 6 years
7 - 12 years
13 - 16 years
Developmental Disabilities » ADHD
Developmental Disabilities » Dyslexia
Developmental Disabilities » Dyscalculia
Developmental Disabilities » Specific Learning Disabilities
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