Lekshmi Mohan
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Certificate in Special Ed, MBA, BE
Speciality : Behavioural
Experience : 4 years 1 month
Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Lekshmi Mohan

Service started since: 
Provider Description/Summary: 

As Special Educator
 Assess students’ skills to determine their needs and to develop teaching plans ( in the areas of literacy, math and science)
 Adapt curriculum and goals to meet the needs of students ( with accommodations, if needed)
 Develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for each student (with the team of parents and other service providers for the child)
 Plan, organize, and assign activities that are specific to the student’s abilities
 Teach and mentor students as a class, in small groups, and one-on-one
 Implement IEPs, assess students’ performances and track their progresses
 Update IEPs throughout the school year to reflect students’ progress and goals
 Develop and implement Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIP) to track students’ behaviours (Moderate to Severe; Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Non-verbal with developmental delays- physical and emotional)
 Perform Preference Assessments for each child and develop (update) PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
 Discuss students’ progresses with parents, teachers and other service providers on a fixed, regular basis
 Direct the Classroom Assistants appropriately.

Home Visits: 
Age Range: 
0 - 6 years
7 - 12 years
7 am to 3 pm
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