Nirman Association for the Mentally Handicapped
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Nirman Association for the Mentally Handicapped

Provider Description/Summary: 

Nirman is a vocational and residential centre started in 1994, providing hostel and day school facilities for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. The centre caters to men and has about 30 inmates. The average teacher student ratio is 1:10. Students are trained in gardening, sports, yoga, social skills and functional skills, such as counting, learning bus numbers, simple money transactions etc. The focus in on punctuality, independent travel, teamwork, focusing on a task and completing it in time and safety skills. The materials made by students under vocational training include, paper plates, notebooks etc. and the place is equipped with cutting machines. Few inmates are also trained for computer data entry and others get employed in small factories. The facility has classrooms, physio-equipment, a huge playground, a big dining hall along with TV, attached kitchen, two dorm rooms (with beds and closets), and wheel chair friendly bathrooms. There is a doctor associated with Nirman who regularly visits for check-up of students and is consulted in case of any emergencies.

Home Visits: 
Contact Person: 
M.Rajendra, Director (Operations)
Fees (Additional Text) : 
Rs. 3000 for residential and Rs. 1000 for day scholars
Age Range: 
above 16 years
Monday - Saturday, 9 AM to 4:30 PM
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