Sadhana Institute for the Mentally Challenged
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Sadhana Institute for the Mentally Challenged

Provider Description/Summary: 

Sadhana Institute for the Mentally Challenged is a professionally run special school started by Mr. P. Madhusudhan Reddy and his wife in 1996. The board members for the organisation also include a parent.
Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy is also a speech therapist with many years of training in the field of special education. The mission of Sadhana School is to ensure that the quality of life of every person with mental retardation is equal to other citizens in the country, in that they will have independent living and community. Sadhana School is a big setup with a spacious three-storied school building. The ground floor has spacious classrooms with teaching aids and the upper floors have dorm rooms for the residential facility along with a kitchen and physiotherapy room. There are around 148 students and the teacher to student ratio is 1:8. The school has big school buses, physio equipment, sand pit, lift and a big playground. There is also an animal pen, with rabbits and hen used as part of animal therapy. Children are kept occupied with a routine, starting with assembly every day. Parents are also involved in the progress of the children and they are given parent interaction forms on a daily/weekly basis. The team at Sadhana School consist of special educators, speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and psychologist. In order to extend such services to affected people in the rural areas, Sadhana has started a rehabilitation centre in the village of Tekulasomaram, Valigonda mandal, in Nalgonda district.

Home Visits: 
Contact Person: 
P. Madhusudan Reddy - Secretary
Fees (Additional Text) : 
No school fee. Parents pay based on their affordability from Rs. 50.00 to Rs. 5000.00. Residential children are requested to pay Rs. 5000.00
Age Range: 
0 - 6 years
7 - 12 years
13 - 16 years
above 16 years
Monday - Saturday 9.30 am - 3.30 pm
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