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Fun Family event

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Event Date: 
Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 14:00
Nayi Disha Event: 
Mrugvani National Park
Event Category: 

Nayi Disha has organised a fun family meet at Mrugvani National Park. This event will be conducted in partnership with Dirty Feet. The idea is to make the kids as well as parents feel as comfortable as possible by engaging them with various activities and get them close to nature. Parents will enjoy the opportunity of meeting other fellow parents and exploring activities for their kids.

The kids will learn by getting dirty playing with mud, leaves, soaking in the nature, sitting in the grass:)

Details of the event with hands on activities -
1)Nature Yoga
2)Nature Walk along with Nature scavenger hunt, bark rubbings and journey sticks/bands
3) Sensorial experiences with Seeds, seed pods and leaves
4) Nature craft - Mud stamping, painting with mud and leaves, leaf rubbings
5) Land Art - shapes with Seeds, leaves and twigs

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