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A Prayer:

It's not only an expectation but a fervent  prayer of a parent  of a child with special needs that the child is always in safe secure environment and that the professionals , teachers , care givers , family members , all people dealing with the child equally value the child and  are kind and sensitive towards the child looking beyond the disability .

A few Ground Realities ;

Manavi and I were in the car waiting for Naresh  to come back with some delicacies on our night time plunders   .... The hotel chauffeur  could not contain him self any more and said .....
"Aap Ke saath bahut bura hua... for a min I was thinking he knows something which the good Lord has not made be realize .... Then I saw his gaze travel to a super excited Manavi ( recovering from her fever waiting unabashedly for her chocolate treats ) .

I am sharing with you a PPT which I had presented to Gurgaon Police in 2014  and a host of schools and civil society members as well professionals including Child Psychologists during the launch of school security guideline . You may like to share the PPT with other parents or put it up on the website . The emphasis is on an integrated policy, a stay-safe plan, need for safety-skills development in a child which parents definitely need to partner.

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