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In Indian culture, a mother has been revered as first and foremost GURU in one’s life. It is absolutely crucial how this potter shapes the child in early days of a child. But perhaps it is more so for a special child…

Just few days back I got a call and WhatsApp message from Nayi Disha, that they are planning to compile a unique video capturing expression of various parents for following set of questions –

• Remember the first time your saw your child

• Think about the first time you heard them laugh

As a parent of a special child, there are various challenges at different points of time. But the most challenging aspect on daily basis that I struggle with Shlok is handling his difficult behaviors. Most of the times, he is happy and manageable. But there is perhaps an instance or two on daily basis when he turns defiant and difficult for short while say for 15-20 minutes…

Mar 21st is celebrated as World Down’s Syndrome Day. At first I did not understand how the date is selected. The 21st day of March (the 3rd month of the year) was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (tri-somy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome. My son, Shlok is born with Trisomy-21 diagnosis in Houston (USA) back in Aug 2009.

SHLOK - a very meaningful name and truly special person in my life who has brought immense meaning to my life. 

For children with special needs (CWSN), a lot is discussed about training, skill building and so on. Normally a very little is talked about parent's journey from the moment he/she know about the disability to the point of complete acceptance. It's a very unique journey and no matter how much anyone else advises, every parent has to cross this bridge on his/her own...

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