I was born in the early 1980s. I grew up in the small towns and remote villages of North East India. I didn't know it when I was young, but now when I look back, I believe I had and I still have mild form of autism. I had speech problem and stammered a bit. More importantly, I didn't give eye contact to others while interacting. I even preferred loneliness to socialization.

A Prayer:

It's not only an expectation but a fervent  prayer of a parent  of a child with special needs that the child is always in safe secure environment and that the professionals , teachers , care givers , family members , all people dealing with the child equally value the child and  are kind and sensitive towards the child looking beyond the disability .

A few Ground Realities ;

Let me Play Mommy…..

Let me feel the breeze caress my face

Let me walk at my pace

Let me go out and run around

And watch the bees and butterflies prance all round


Let me Play Mommy…..

Let me splash in water and grab handfuls of sand

Let me watch with wonder the creatures so grand

With all shapes and sizes making many different sounds

let my bare feet touch and feel the ground


Let me Play Mommy…..

Let me reach and bend, pounce and roll

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