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Why maintain a seizure diary to track seizure attacks

  • Seizure or Epilepsy by itself cannot be fully treated, but effective management of it can go a long way in improving a child's quality of life.

    In order to handle Epilepsy and seizure episodes better, it is important to understand more about them. This is where keeping a seizure diary can be a valuable resource for parents and the doctor. A seizure diary would include details such as the time, duration and detailed description of every seizure episode experience by a child undergoing epilepsy.

    Record keeping everyday changes in seizure behaviour may help gain a better understanding of -

    • possible triggers, if any
    • seizure patterns
    • handling seizure emergencies
    • the patient's response to a prescribed therapy

    This template shown below can be freely downloaded from the Nayi Disha web-page. The seizure diary serves as a record of episode specific events, whereas the seizure log documents the number of seizure episodes experienced in any given month within the span of a year.

    Download these templates and start recording your child's seizure history today!

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    Additionally, you may also download this infographic that shows a stepwise way to handle a seizure emergency.


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