Understanding the developmental growth of a child and looking out for signs of developmental delays (Hindi)

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बच्चों के विकास सम्बंधित जानकारी - चर्चा डॉक्टर अजय शर्मा  के साथ भाग 1

  • The first few years of a child's life set the firm foundation for the overall development as the child grows older. A child's development consists of a series of predictable changes that impact the wholesome growth of the child - biologically, physically and emotionally. Parents both nurture and nourish a child by creating a conducive environment to ensure a healthy and happy childhood. Sometimes a major deviation from the typical growth curve can be indicative of developmental delay, the intensity and severity of which may vary from case to case. Hence, it is very essential to have early awareness of early signs of possible delays observed in the time course of your child's development. Arming yourself with the right kind  of information will allow you to advance both investigation and intervention of possible developmental delays, if any, in different aspects of your child's growth.


    Nayi Disha Resource Centre spoke to Consultant Neuro-developmental Pediatrician Dr.Ajay Sharma about common concerns with regard to spotting and understanding red flags observed during a child's development. Global developmental delays can be spotted in the early years of life by observing your child's development with a sharp eye. If you spot any signs that raise concern about your child's growth then immediately visit your Pediatrician and request for an overall developmental assessment of your child.

    Please see the video series below, and share widely among friends and family. This will allow relevant and important information to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about developmental delays and their signs in early childhood. Should you have any queries that you seek answers for, then please email us at contactus@nayi-disha.org, and we will address your concerns to the best of our ability.

    चर्चा किए गए बिंदुओं का सारांश –
    • गर्भावस्था के दौरान कारक जो शिशु के विकास में मदद या बाधित कर सकते हैं
    • बच्चे के संपूर्ण विकास मे परिवार का महत्व 
    •  बचपन के विकास मे खेल तथा कहानियोंका का महत्व
    •  बच्चों के विकास की जांच कैसे होती हैं?
    • विकास की जांच और लाल झंडे की पहचान
    • बच्चे के विकास में परेशानी हो तो किससे संपर्क करें

    The same video is available in English.

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    To know more about early intervention watch this video at an early intervention center at Dehradun

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