Guide to address nutritional needs of children with Down Syndrome

Guide to address nutritional needs of children with Down Syndrome

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Dr.Priya Biswakumar (Consultant Paediatrician) and Ms.Shiny Surendran (Consultant Dietitian and Nutrition Specialist) provided subject matter expertise for the development of this booklet.
Vashishta Pintu from Nayi Disha has developed the graphics in the booklet.
This booklet was developed by and the Down syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) and Nayi Disha Resource Centre.

Individuals with special needs can have unique nutrition requirements and challenges with regard to what they can eat or cannot eat. Often, by mindfully understanding the impact that certain foods have on a specific aspect of a child's health, can help the child improve his/her quality of life. We have addressed health challenges faced by children with special needs in our first booklet. You may access it here

In the second booklet we have attempted to address specific nutritional needs of children with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome can have unique food requirements based on their condition-specific body constitution. For e.g. Children with Down syndrome are more prone to obesity, and require deitary alternations to prevent unwanted weight gain. Children with Down syndrome are often found to be intolerant to cow milk protein, and hence may benefit from avoiding dairy-based products (child-specific, case-specific, so seek guidance from a nutritionist or Pediatrician before removing diary products from your child's diet)

The booklet also provides tips for wholesome dishes that can be prepared ensuring adequeate water, nutrients and fibre are consumed by your child for proper growth and development.

Please download the booklet and gain information to understand your child's unique nutritional needs.

DISCLAIMER : This disclaimer claims that none of the content in this booklet is in anyway deemed as medical advice, and be treated for information purposes only


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