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The Early Signs of Autism (English) from Action for Autism

  • Every child develops differently and at a different pace. However, the development of some children may present red flags indicative of developmental delay of varying nature. In most cases, early recognition of these developmental red flags can pave way to early intervention. Intervening early can go a long way in improving learning and behavioral challenges this child may face later in life.

    This English infographic developed by Action for Autism speaks of some of the early signs a parent must be perceptive of, which can help assess the risk for Autism in a child.

    This infographic has been shared here with prior permission from Action for Autism.
    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    You may also benefit from watching this (Hindi/English) video of Neuro-developmental Pediatrician Dr.Ajay Sharma wherein he guides parents about catching the early signs of Autism, by being mindful of some common signs and behaviour traits.



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