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Child developmental milestones : Watch your child grow, and spot any potential red flags! (English/Hindi)

  • The first few years of a child's life set the firm foundation for the overall development as the child grows older. A child's development consists of a series of predictable changes that impact the wholesome growth of the child - biologically, physically and emotionally. Parents both nurture and nourish a child by creating a conducive environment to ensure a healthy and happy childhood. Sometimes a major deviation from the typical growth curve can be indicative of developmental delay, the intensity and severity of which may vary from case to case. Hence, it is very essential to have early awareness of early signs of possible delays observed in the time course of your child's development. Arming yourself with the right kind  of information will allow you to advance both investigation and intervention of possible developmental delays, if any, in different aspects of your child's growth.

    Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician Dr.Ajay Sharma has provided content for the creation of this booklet, that categorizes a typical child's overall growth by age (new born to age 5) and developmental faculty. The booklet is designed in an easy to use checklist format with age-specific potential red flags to watch out for from birth till 5 years. Being cautious and vigilant can help you spot any missed milestones in your child's development, and  seek help as early as possible. 

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    Additionally, also check out this video that explains how play can be used as an effective teaching tool in therapy.





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