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The caregiver's Down syndrome handbook (English/Hindi)

  • This handbook has been conceptualized by Dr.Surekha Ramachandran, co-founder and chairperson of the Down Syndrome Federation of India (DSFI) - Chennai.  The handbook outlines everything a parent or a caregiver needs to know about Down syndrome. The first half of the book highlights and describes in simple language the basics of the condition to any new parent whose child has been recently diganosed. The later part of the book serves to empower families with relevant information by bringing awareness of various medical concerns a child with Down syndrome may face from birth to adulthood. The main purpose of the book is devoted to help parents become confident, independent and knowledgeble of the many ways they can come to terms with the many complexities of Down syndrome, and look for avenues to help the child by intervening early. 

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    Consult this leaflet to record your child's medical concerns from birth to adulthood, making it easier to keep track of the child's progress over the years.

     Acknowledgements :

    We thank our volunteers Ms.Prerana Chouk, Ms.Hemanta Nijhawan & Ms. Rashmi Asthana for the time and effort taken towards translation of this content from English to Hindi.


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