Autism awareness workshop by Pediatric Neurologist Dr.Ram Kairam

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Autism and other Developmental disorders

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Autism and other Developmental Disorders - Q&A

  • A talk aimed at helping parents and caregivers demystify common myths and misconceptions about autism and other developmental  disorders

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this guide is for information purposes only. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for safe management.

    Do check out this infographic that can help you identify the red flags for early detection of Autism.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Therapy Management
    Behaviour Management

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    Harshini's picture

    Workshop was really helpful. Thank you for organising the meet with expert Doctors..
    Parul Vipparthi's picture
    Parul Vipparthi

    I appreciate and agree with most of the information presented by Dr Kairam on myths and conceptions of ASD and related issues. He referred to few extreme cases including Tito Mukhopadyay, which is very very inspiring autistic life. I also found this story very inspiring and supporting Dr Kairam's thoughts and experiences. He was also talking about 'Shamans' These are some links I found on Shamanic energy and science....

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