Abhivyakti 2017 - A Tale of Difference being Celebrated.


Abhivyakti - Celebrating the difference 

Abhivyakti, the word which in hindi means – expression, was the apt title for the event conceived with the idea of providing an exclusive platform for differently-abled individuals and their families. For it can never be assumed that individuals who seemingly appear not to be interested in their social environment, may not have anything to communicate to it. The assumption was given a shake, by over 11 plus, items that the event lined up, where the participants had symptoms of neurological atypicality.

Most children were positively aware with the social context that the showcase put them in and willingly interacted with it, while others were a little bothered by the sensory overload. 

One need that usually gets ignored, and which this event fulfilled, was giving the parents and family of these individuals a chance to share their pride and confidence in their children with the society at large. For in cases of individuals with special needs, its only the parents who are able to see beyond their social challenges and discover their abilities in various skills. And such events have a vital social-reinforcement to offer, not just for the neuro-atypical individuals but the care- givers.

The event made its intent of being an evening about celebrating differences, clear from the word go, when veteran therapists and special need individuals and their care giver, came together on stage to mark the beginning of the program by providing light to the traditional lamp.

Eventually it was a show of one surprising skill after the other, that each individual has acquired.

So, it started! The colours, the bright faces, their colourful imaginations depicted through their paintings and other forms of arts and crafts. Abhivyakti was about showcasing these special talents and the wonderful support they received from family and teachers in honing their talents.


The evening started with lighting of lamps with our chief guests, two very special ladies - Mrs. Manjula Kalyan, founder -director of Swayamkrushi and Dr. Usha Naik, child psychiatrist who retired from Niloufer Hospital long back. They were accompanies by Mr. Pallam Raju and Pranjal, who is the inspiration behind Nayi Disha.


With a bright face Payal and her uncle walk in for the event to partake in the celebrations.


It was not just the performances on stage that left the audience in surprise, but the off stage stalls that these children were put were also a source of awe and amazement. From bakery products and other food stalls to, skillfull paintings, to organically grown plants, to bags made of jute and paper. The stalls had so many buyers line up as customers. Showcasing the world with different colours, use of perfect cemetery and imagination. Let us start with Kedhar, who loves to express himself through art and has a facebook page of his own.




Varun Pratik, a master painter, who was able to sell few of his masterpieces at Abhivyakti. Varun Pratik started his journey with the colours and has led to gaining  independence.


The blossoming red flower shows the success of an individual who has found a friend in plants and has a passion towards nurturing. Pleasant sight to see

Prannav’s spirit soars green! Prannav and his mother run an organic nursery and their products are being praised even after Abhivyakti.


Cute little ‘Barfi’ Master Tarun in his blue bow tie, Pramod Shankar in light blue on the keys, Gourav in his naughty dance style and Gautham on the keys.

They all love what they do and have become an inspiration to many.


Roshan Varghese loves to bake and runs a bakery with his mother. His stall attracted many kids and parents were super happy as it also catered to GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) needs of our special children. You visit their website and order some yummy bakery items.  

With a warm sweet smile Aruna welcomes everyone to her craft stall. Sometimes, words do fail to be a means of expression. Aruna was so delighted to receive her certificate that she insisted that she receive it on the stage from Mrs. Manjula Kalyan.



A teacher is a friend who knows us; he stands by us when we don’t know anything. Yes, this teacher and his student here are expressing the joys of a performance well done. We are glad to have you onboard Mr. John. A lot of our kids would love to learn guitar from you.


They love to be in the open air, feeling the comfort offered by nature. Some enjoyed putting up a stall while others loved to sit back and relax.


Sun shine it is, with a happy mood and his masterpiece. There was something to do for everyone, be it young or old.   


“My friendly smile and these environment friendly jute bags made by me are all you would need to carry goodies from Abhivyakti”,

says Teja.


The stage performances started with classical rendition performed by Aditya and his renditions of the carnatic compositions was nowhere less than perfect. Aditya with his mother filled the place with melody.


Team Super models they were named. With the same attitude and splendour they all walked the ramp showing off their love for fashion. The surprise element being that there were new on the spot super models waking the ramp with confidence. From the top, the first two being on the spot enthusiasts. Followed by Ameya Bhagwat,

Tarun, Gourav and Vaibhav, Joseph, Sanjit, Malhar, Shashank and Shaan.

“I am Kshitij and I am 16 years old”, says Kshitij.  Kshitiji's mastery over key board was another major revelation from the event, where Kshitij, Samuel and Gautam showed their skills on it. 

We hope you have noticed that behind every performer is a super-woman standing  steady and providing the unwavering support, encouragement and unconditional love that her child needs.   Hats off to every mother and every father on this journey. 


Mannat, walking with all her grace and beauty and wearing a creative outfit made by her mother.  Her mother told us that mom and dad spent 4 hours making this outfit and Mannat carried it with equal grace.


Bright colours, bright faces, lovely confidence to recreate a Bahubali act. Here is another son-mother pair telling the world that are

just perfect for each-other.


 Sriikanth’s drumming made the whole crowd come together in loud cheers, the effort the audience made in not getting up and dancing was only evident. Absolutely a treat for the audience.


He uses music as a means of devotion. Aditya Krishna’s confidence filled the whole setting with a sense of sacred presence. Here's a wonderful sister supporting and encouraging her brother to perform. It was Aditya Krishna's first stage performance.


When Nihaar danced to the tunes of popular tollywood numbers, he embodied the attitude and moves perfectly. Nihaar’s dramatic outfit, his cool style and confidence put the stage on fire.

By the this time the crowd had realized that they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than witnessing this event on a relaxed Sunday evening. Enthusiastic parents and care givers made their children walk the ramp to the applause of the audience and sound of music in a fashion show.

Mr. Sudhakar Jadav from Nightingales, our platinum sponsor and Mr. Pallam Raju giving away certificates and receiving the token of appreciation. A glimpse of all the appreciative audience, performers saw from the stage.


With the same passion as he has for music, Samuel indeed gives a grand finale performance for the show. Samuel is not just perfect with playing the instrument but runs his own school of music. We are so proud of you Samuel.


She guided the whole event with a lot of preparation and just one microphone in her hand.

Building the enthusiasm of the whole evening Mrs. Vidya became the perfect bridge between

the audience and the performers.


The passionate Abhivyakti team who were behind all this celebration. These ladies define the true meaning of woman being successful in whatever they take up. What started with one idea ended up being a grand evening of celebration at Hyderabad with over 550 guests and 40 performers.  

The show was whole heartedly appreciated by veterans from the field of medicine and rehabilitation like: Dr. Usha Naik, Mrs. Manjula Kalyan, Dr. Kanaklata and Mrs. Sridevi. 

Words cannot describe the roller coaster of emotions that every family experienced at Abhivyakti. As the show came to a close, there were good number of families that were going to go back home with a sense of togetherness and with a feeling of being available for one another. The spirit of camaraderie marked the end of the show!