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Regular health assessments for children with Down syndrome (DS)  from 3 months - 20 years of age. Apart from intellectual and developmental delays, people with DS are at an increased risk for certain health conditions. Awareness of some of these...Read more

It is important for parents and educators of young children to realize, that just like numbers, colors, and shapes, self-help skills are important for the child to gain with advancing age. The content attached below provides tips to help parents...Read more

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“TogetherWeCan” in Kochi, Kerala has filed a Public Interest Litigation to bring about regulation in therapies for children with neurological disabilities. The group constitutes of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurological disabilities, a few professionals working...Read more

By Ruchika Sethi

Manavi and I were in the car waiting for Naresh  to come back with some delicacies on our night time plunders   .... The hotel chauffeur  could not contain him self any more and said .....
"Aap Ke saath bahut bura hua... for a min I was thinking he knows something which the good Lord has...Read more

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Nayi Disha Parent wrote a review for Nayanpreet Kaur Sethi

- 13 Dec 2017
Her teaching strategies are excellent, she identifies the methodologies which suits the child and helps in learning.
Nayi Disha Parent wrote a review for In-Sync Center for Child Development

- 11 Jul 2017
In Insync we can get all the therapies in one floor.. Therapists are experienced and they have the ability to handle the child properly...but the classes are very expensive...
Nayi Disha Parent wrote a review for Saandeepani centre for healing and curative education

- 28 Apr 2017
Saandeepani helps kids to come out of their shell and learn and adapt to the present world. I have seen my son grow. With Saandeepani teachers making every effort to understand the moods and carefully analyzing the situation accordingly taking them towards vocational courses is a welcome step,...

Parent Testimonials

  • I first heard of Nayi disha from my son’s speech Therapist. I was delighted to have finally found a portal to access all the information a mom needs with a kid with special needs.

    Then luckily, I got introduced to prachi through a common friend and was soon part of their Nayi Disha Whatsapp group. I attended my first Nayi Disha support group meeting this month. Can’t express in words how Happy, Relieved, Inspired, Motivated and of course Emotional I felt after meeting these SUPER moms and a few dads too!

    It’s very difficult to raise a kid with special needs, but what’s even more difficult is to keep yourself motivated and to stay positive. We are usually surrounded by friends and cousins with neuro typical kids (love this new word I learnt bdw), and as supportive and friendly as they can be, you can’t help but feel remorseful and resentful towards their advice and sympathy. It’s also sometimes difficult to get support from your parents and in laws because they only know as much as you do about raising a kid with special needs. So this meeting was in fact very special for me!

    For the longest time, I have blamed myself for my son’s problem, or I thought I was someway lesser than others to conceive a child with a neurological problem. But after meeting these very special moms who are now my heroes I finally accepted that it was just our bad luck and this can happen to the most perfect, healthiest and smartest parents too!!
    There was so much to learn from these parents, especially since most of them had teenaged kids and there’s so much experience and knowledge to gain from them. They are also very helpful and empathic, always ready with a suggestion and a joke to keep it light and comfortable.

    So Thank you  Nayi Disha, I finally have a group of friends with whom I can share my kids experiences without...

    Parent of 4 year old child with epilepsy
  • “Unity in diversity” was a term I came across when I was in school. Civics class, not the most interesting class to attend:-) Later, I remember helping my daughter write an answer on the same topic for her assignment in civics describing India as a country revelling in and forming her identity from her diversity .

    Today I saw the same. All around the table at today’s Nayi Disha support group meeting I saw diversity – mothers, fathers, sister- all from different parts of India, speaking different languages, from different professional walks in life, different skill sets, different hobbies, different ages, different dreams and hopes...different. Different. Different. Different.

    What united this awe inspiring group of people is their need, their efforts, their hard work, to give their child, children, sibling the best opportunity to be the best they can. To do what makes them happy. To be independent capable individuals. United in their effort to be a voice for the special person in their family. United in their fight to help them achieve their potential. United in their joy of celebrating milestones. United in their determination to find a place for them in this world. United in helping each other and their loved once overcome challenges. United. United. United. Proud to be part of this microcosm that includes not just those who attended the meeting today but everyone who live, love and work tirelessly for their special ones. As they say in the Star Wars movies “ May the Force Be With You” 

                                                                                                                                  -  Parent of a teenager on the Autism Spectrum on our support group meets

    Parent of a teenager on the Autism Spectrum on our support group meets
  •  When my husband got transferred to Hyderabad, the my first thought was “Oh God how to find a school there!”. From my experience, it is difficult to find schools for senior kids that too autistic. I searched on net, called some of them and was worried about it. Then someone told me about Nayi Dishaand shared the link to the website.I got information regarding the schools, their location, reviews etc. It helped me to ultimately find a special school for my son, closer to my residence. I found the website very useful and I thank Nayi Disha for making the website. It is really helpful for people like me, who land up in a new place. I wish Nayi Disha team all the success for the future.

    Parent of a teenager on the Autism Spectrum
  • On returning to India (Hyderabad), I looked for a speech and language therapist for my son for many months. He has been diagnosed with developmental delay because of epilepsy. Finding Nayi Disha was the best thing that happened to us. Not only did it guide us to the right remedial work for my son, it also connected me to other parents with similar needs. Thank you Nayi Disha!

    Parent of 3.5 year old child with Epilepsy and ADHD
  • I am a parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism Spectrum. I homeschool him and take him for therapies. I was having a stressful day where nothing was going according to the schedule. I was nearly in tears and questioning my decision to home school my son. In desperation, I sat at my computer and googled special educators in the hope that I would be able to find help online. The search result led me to I was surprised to find a list of special educators in the area I lived in. I was also thrilled to see detailed information on the therapists such as their qualification, experience, geographic location, contact details and area of expertise. It is a very comprehensive database and a lot of effort has been made to include relevant details so that a parent can make an informed choice. Until then I had not seen any website that listed special needs resources that were exclusive to Hyderabad area. Finding the website and knowing that help is available calmed me down and made me very happy. Kudos to the team at Nayi Disha and much appreciation for all their hard work in setting up such a useful website.

    Parent of a teenaged son who is on the Autism Spectrum
  • I am a mother of 6 year old child with Down Syndrome. I am so grateful for your organization. When you came to my daughter's school for a workshop, it was the one of the finest days in my life. The workshop helped me understand the basics of behavior management and communication with my child. helped me search for various service providers --- physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist and many more. And what’s more I could do it in a few minutes, which means it saved my time. Being a mother of special need child it is like a wish come true where I get all the information regarding my child. I am also happy that you connected me to 2 parent groups, parents of children with Down Syndrome and parents of children with special needs within Hyderabad. With this connection, I am learning new things everyday and finding motivation and much needed support. Nayi Disha is like a torch for me in a long dark tunnel. Thanks for your work.

    Parent of a 6 year old child with Down Syndrome
  • I am a mother of a 9 year old child with epilepsy and developmental delay. I truly believe this is the next step in the world of special needs. A world of sharing information, honest ratings, economical workshops and to top it all, just plain empathy and bonding! This is a place, where you can find therapists of your need, at your location, right from speech to Yoga, occupational therapy to vocational needs. You get all possible information about the therapist at the click of a button. Phone numbers which work (!) :) is a pleasant surprise.

    The journey of a family which has a child of special needs is a unique one, endless tiring journey, ups and downs, successes and failures. And then down the line you find some hope, and say 'Thank You'.

    Parent of a 9 year of child with epilepsy and developmental delay